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Spoofs use Apple for political messages
Monday, March 19, 2007 @ 4:05pm

A recent spoof of Apple's famous 1984 advertisement that introduced the company's computers to the masses carries a powerful political message against U.S. senator Hilary Clinton, while another spoof of an Apple event pokes fun at current U.S. political decisions overseas. The mashup of Apple's 1984 ad promotes senator Barack Obama, and signals a new era with a fresh wave of politics, according to Additionally, a comedy skit recently aired on a popular TV show featuring a mock Apple special event where an actor posing as Steve Jobs reveals an 'iRack.' The product appears flimsy, and members of the audience begin questioning its stability as well as the intelligence behind 'filling up the iRack' with more 'things.' The actor posing as Jobs also throws money at the iRack, much to the dismay of the people acting as Apple's shareholders.

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  • Reader reaction
    Found 5 comments
    iRack... 193340
    Now that was funny. Pretty damned relevant too...

    Comment posted by: JacquesDav
    Hilary spoof... 193341
    ... was awful. I hope Obama didn't approve that ad, because he needs to fire his capaign manager if he did.
    Comment posted by: hayesk
    hillary spoof 193351
    agreed. Potential yes, but weak execution. And I'm fucking tired of people trashing Hillary for no reason whatsoever.

    I'm voting for Hillary in 2008. I had to put up with 8 years of Bush, the Rethuglicans can put up with 8 years of Hillary and we'll call it even.
    Comment posted by: climacs
    Buy an Apple 193355
    What an uninformed idiot.

    "Obama said on CNN's "Larry King Live" that "people generate all kinds of stuff" on the Internet. "In some ways, it's the democratization of the campaign process, but it's not something that we had anything to do with or were aware of, and that frankly, given what it looks like, we don't have the technical capacity to create something like this."
    Comment posted by: starwarrior
    Hillary is evil 193374
    Don't forget she voted for the war and introduced several video game censorship bills. She's a proud member of the Joe Lieberman wing of the democratic party. The republicans should love her - she's practically one of them.

    I'm voting for Obama.
    Comment posted by: mike3k
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