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iBooks DRM stripped with new Requiem tool
Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 12:15pm

New updates to copy protection stripping tool Requiem appear to have removed the copy protection from Apple's paid iBooks downloads. The update so far is only known to work with ePubs and not Apple's newer .ibooks textbook format, but it has been tested on the MobileRead forums and elsewhere as working. The app had already worked with pre-iTunes Plus music and with at least some videos.

Electronista and MacNN don't intend to encourage stripping out copy protection and aren't linking directly to the utility. Adding iBooks derestriction wasn't necessarily a difficult challenge, since Apple's FairPlay system is believed to be largely consistent across formats. However, it's likely to frustrate publishers that have been hoping to keep their e-books locked to individual users and devices. Although Apple developed its own copy protection system, the company has usually been of the view that content should ideally go without copy protection at all if not required. It has usually been asked to implement digital rights management (DRM) as a term of getting business at all from publishers, movie studios, and previously music labels. [via CNET]

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  • Reader reaction
    Found 4 comments
    Very cool 344291
    This is really great--now I can read my iBooks on multiple platforms. I'm willing to pay for them (not as interested in the piracy aspect), but not multiple times.
    >>The update so far is only known to work with ePubs and not Apple's newer .ibooks textbook format
    I think that's for the best because textbook piracy this early could possibly kill Apple's momentum. Besides, the textbooks wouldn't work on any other devices anyway, so it would only be for piracy (I think).
    Comment posted by: drumrobot
    Not very cool 344333
    Ultimately this action will encourage theft of intellectual property.
    Comment posted by: facebook_Derek
    Derek 344345
    It will also encourage people to not be locked into a single platform for the content they purchase, as well as offer peace of mind for those who understand that today's formats may not always be around.

    In other words, it allows what - arguably - could reasonably be expected by any consumer when they make a purchase. It's not just useful for thieves.
    Comment posted by: Darchmare
    Guides 344606
    read ibooks on Mac/PC:
    read ibooks on Kindle:
    Comment posted by: jonnygreenwood
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