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Reflection app offers wireless iOS mirroring on Mac
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 @ 9:30pm

A new application for Macs leverages the AirPlay technology found in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to mirror the screens of those devices onto a Mac running Snow Leopard or higher. Called Reflection, the app can simply show the screen or put a "device shell" around the screen to simulate the look of an iOS device and its contents. The program utilizes the AirPlay abilities to wirelessly stream visual and audio information from the device to the Mac.

The program mimics an AirPlay ability that might become available in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, which is expected to be released this summer. The next version of OS X is expected to have increased AirPlay abilities that will, for example, allow Mac owners to wireless mirror their screens onto HDTVs via an Apple TV unit using AirPlay (indeed, the author of Reflection has previous made another utility called AirParrot that does exactly this for current Lion and Snow Leopard users). Once the Reflection app is installed and running, simply swiping the to right on the taskbar of the iOS device will show the AirPlay icon next to the volume slider. Tapping that lets users choose their Reflection-running Mac from the list. The program includes options such as recording any demonstration for tutorial or YouTube use, changing the device "wrapper" or simply going full screen. The developer is hoping that developers, presenters, educators and others who can take advantage of wireless AirPlay mirroring won't wait and will purchase a license, which comes in two versions: a single machine license for $15 or a five-machine license for $40. The program is limited to the iPhone 4S and iPad2 even though Airplay is also available in older models because of the hardware requirements of mirroring.

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  • Reader reaction
    Found 7 comments
    Correct me if I'm wrong... 344681
    but isn't Mountain Lion supposed to be mirroring a Mac's screen on an Apple TV? This is for mirroring an iOS device's screen on a Mac... how are those the same thing?
    Comment posted by: drumrobot
    You're not wrong, but 344683
    The article says "might" (let iOS mirror to Macs) and then mentions that Mac-to-AppleTV is "expected." IOW, everyone's right. Maybe. :)
    Comment posted by: chas_m
    Exactly what I've been waiting for 344694
    Cool, I was looking for a solution to mirror an iPad or iPhone screen on a Mac. Apart from jailbreaking, nothing else I tried did Mirroring, just streaming videos to a Mac ("AirPlayer" and such). This seems to be just the ticket.
    Comment posted by: Jeronimo2000
    Paypal? 344695
    Am I wrong in believing that the only way to purchase this software is by creating a Paypal account? Would like to purchase it, but Paypal? No thanks.
    Comment posted by: dogzilla
    not working... 344700
    My MBP shows up on the Airplay list when Reflection is running and the iPhone 4S screen shows the usual Airplay balck screen with a message that the video is playing on the MBP. But there is no sign of it anywhere on the MBP. 'Supp wit dat?
    Comment posted by: PJL500
    and now... 344701
    You get 10 minutes to try it out. It took that to try to get it to work - no success - now the trial period is over. A waste of time.
    Comment posted by: PJL500
    Re: Paypal? 344722
    Yeah, I also have an unwarranted fear of Paypal. How come everyone just doesn't use Apple's iTMS for all their transactions! We know Apple would never misuse data or mishandle a transaction!
    Comment posted by: testudo
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