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Rumor reiterates talk of iPad 3 facing low supply early on
Thursday, March 1, 2012 @ 8:20am

Revived rumors have suggested the iPad 3 may face display-related shortages. The Digitimes part supplier contacts claimed that LG Display, Samsung, and Sharp had "failed to substantially ramp up" production of the 2048x1536 display in the run-up to the March 7 event. Shipments would only truly accelerate in the spring, according to this view of events.

Whether or not this would lead to actual shortages wasn't certain. Production for the display may have started in November, which could have nearly 10 million units on shelves by launch day. If so, Apple may have anticipated an initial supply crunch and buffered its supply until it could catch up. Indirect support for shortages could come from timing. Apple should be the first to actually ship a tablet with an extra-dense display where Acer's Iconia Tab A700 won't ship until April. Samsung's 2560x1600 tablet was also a no-show at this week's Mobile World Congress and could see Samsung wait until mid-year or later to even have a response. The rumor still left some doubt after it repeated a claim from late Wednesday that there might not be a 64GB version of the next iPad. A possible model number breakdown has hinted at each main iPad model having three variants, much like in the past.

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  • Reader reaction
    Found 6 comments
    Trying hard 344697
    Shysters of WS trying hard to bring down PPS before options expiration.

    three stories being regurgitated.

    1. No 64 GB
    2. Small form tweener coming soon
    3. Supply constrained.

    Baloney as usual.
    Comment posted by: fjose1929
    It wouldn't be... 344698
    ... an iPad launch without an initial supply shortage. It's tradition, folks, embrace it. :)
    Comment posted by: Jeronimo2000
    Sales gimmick 344699
    Apple always do this to boost the size of the queues of people waiting outside their shops for the new products. It also helps them forecast popularity and hence the size of manufacturing runs. It always happens, it isn't new, it's old hat.
    Comment posted by: SwissMac
    comment title 344703
    As a line-stander of many years, I agree. VERY old hat.
    Comment posted by: ebeyer
    Re: Sales gimmick 344719
    Apple always do this to boost the size of the queues of people waiting outside their shops for the new products.

    Actually, it was a sales gimmick (up to them requiring iPhone buyers to stand in line outside the store to buy their iPhones, all of which are in stock and ready to go, just so people can see "Hey, look, a line!").

    However, now it's a requirement. There's the requirement, now, that there needs to be a line. No line means failure, as we all know (just look at all the articles about various non-iPhones going on sale and how there isn't a big line for them).

    As such, it wouldn't surprise me if Apple isn't also pushing the shortage information to the various reporters, so they can push it to their readers, so that various Apple lovers with nothing better to do will go "OMG! I might not be able to get an iPad 3 for another month if I don't get one on day 1? I better stand in line then! The alternative is just too unthinkable!"

    I mean, if you knew there were more than enough iPads in stock to handle the initial demand, most sane people would just order online and have it shipped to you (you know, the way most normal/sane people would buy an iPhone, rather than stand around outside the store only to go inside and have to stand around while filling out stupid forms and getting credit checks and stuff, all the things you can do from the comfort of your own home).

    It also helps them forecast popularity and hence the size of manufacturing runs. It always happens, it isn't new, it's old hat.

    It helps none at all on forecasting popularity. There's a segment of the apple community who will stand in line for any iPhone or iPad that is released. So you would need to know how many of the people in line are in that group vs. the average "Wow, it's so cool and great, I need one today!" consumer. The early lines will tell you nothing. Esp. since it is apparently an 'event' now, the line standing. So there will always be an early line, regardless if Apple was releasing an iZune.
    Comment posted by: testudo
    Re: Re: Sales gimmick 344729
    Your entire post reminds me of the beatniks in Mad Men talking to Don and saying, "Yeah, maaaaaan... like, advertising doesn't work on me!"
    Comment posted by: DiabloConQueso
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