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Forum roundup: no audio in iMovie
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 10:07am

This week in the MacNN forums one Fresh-Faced Recruit is trying to import video clips from a Canon FS100 camera to iMovie, but through various attempts has only been able to get video, no sound, so they turned are looking for some advice. When one Grizzled Veteran got a .dat file that they were unable to open they asked other forum goers if they had any suggestions in this thread.

Mac Enthusiast markw10 was unable to log into a MacBook Pro after it had been behaving erratically, a list of troubleshooting steps that were taken is provided, but a solution is still yet to be found. A discussion about Mac battery life can be found in this thread started by Junior Member Ron K late last week when he was asking about using an MBA while plugged into an outlet. Fresh-Faced Recruit Page14 realized recently that they weren't getting e-mail from mailing lists that they had signed up for using Apple's Mail system and has turned to the forums for some advice.

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