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Briefly: Younity, Perfect Effects 4 Free/Premium launched
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 4:12pm

Younity has announced the launch of a new personal cloud service that allows mobile devices to access files spread across multiple computers. After downloading the Younity app to all of their computers and iOS devices, users can log in with their account and instantly access all of their files. Support for browsing and streaming any song or playlist is included, as well as for converting unsupported filetypes automatically. Younity is a free service for Mac, Windows, and iOS users, while both Linux and Android releases are in the works.

Perfect Effects 4 released in Free and Premium editions New editions of Perfect Effects 4, a tool for enhancing images, have been released by onOne Software. The Free Edition includes 70 photographic effects, while the Premium Edition expands this to over 400 effects sorted into more than 40 categories. Both editions also include all of the new features found in v4.0, such as the redesigned interface, browser and keyword search, favourites, and masking controls. New users may purchase Perfect Effects 4 Premium Edition for $100, while owners of Perfect Effects 3 or PhotoTools 2.6 and earlier may upgrade for $70. By: Bradley McBurney

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