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Briefly: Fandango, Drafts 3.0, Devon apps, Tumblr
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 10:34pm

Movie ticket and promotion app Fandango has updated its iOS app (free) with improvements for both iPad and iPhone users. Those on iPads can now scroll through photos and videos and view in full-screen mode, while iPhone users who are also Visa Signature account holders can purchase tickets faster and receive special offers from Tixpress by saving their card info in the app. The update also features better Facebook sharing and the usual general bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Drafts reaches 3.0, adds file management, more Drafts, a minimalist but powerful text processor for iOS, has been updated to version 3.0 -- bringing much-improved management of notes by adding Inbox, Archive and Pinned statuses. New notes are automatically in the Inbox, completed notes in Archive, and Pinned is for notes that are revised or added to often. The program now requires iOS 6. The app features an "instant-on" input mode on launch, Actions that can transfer notes to many other programs (and backup of Actions through Dropbox), fixes for multiple recipients in email and other improvements. Drafts now supports a way to import reminders from Apple's Reminders app (and Siri), actions for Messages and Evernote, some extended keyboard options and introduces TextExpander support, along with a full-screen mode. The app is available in separate versions for the iPhone ($3) and iPad ($4). Devon Technologies updates nearly entire product line Workflow and research app developers Devon Technologies have released maintenance updates on the company's entire commercial line of products and several of its freeware offerings as well. All editions of DevonThink are now at v2.5.2, which improves the Clip web browser extension, sync reliability, web sharing and inter-operative elements with DevonNote. The company's web research assistant DevonAgent is now at v3.5 with a new plugin for searching the British Library, as well as updates for other plugins and improved filtering of social bookmarking sites, as well as fixed compatibility issues with the Tube scanner to work with YouTube. The Pro version of DevonAgent adds two search sets and new options for actions, including a new "File Results in DevonThink Pro" script. The program also now adds results to DevonThink in a variety of supported formats. DevonSphere Express has been upgraded to version 1.6.1, adding compatibility with the Contacts app in Mountain Lion and support for FoldingText files among other changes, including an easier installer. The freeware EasyFind (now at 4.9.1) adds Mountain Lion's "Sharing" menu item and improved Quick Look support. EasyFind along with other freeware PhotoStickies (now at 5.6.6) and XMenu (now at v1.9.5) add Brazilian Portuguese localizations, better compatibility overall with Mountain Lion, and now support GateKeeper. All the updates are free. Tumblr for iOS hits 3.3.1, adds sharing, email, animated GIFs Visually-oriented blogging service Tumblr (free) has updated its iOS app (free) to expand options for sharing posts to Facebook, Twitter and other services. The new update also lets users save Tumblr posts for reading later using Instapaper or Pocket, and email an entire post. Animated GIFs will now continue to work while scrolling (this feature is excluded from the original iPad, iPhones older than the 4S or iPod touch models earlier than the fifth generation). Users can "fling" a photo up or down to close it, and the "following" list is now alphabetized and searchable. The previous update introduced optimization for the iPad, photoset creation, "liking" posts by double-tapping, changing a user's avatar and the ability to link another Tumblr post.

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