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Forums: ditching iPhone for iPad mini
Friday, September 13, 2013 @ 6:35pm

Over in the MacNN Forums, Mac Elite "milhous" has been thinking about trading up their iPhone and Retina iPad for an iPad mini, and is wondering if that would be enough to cover all of their communication needs. Yesterday, Administrator "reader 50" took to the forums looking for suggestions for budget-priced database entry software like the old AppleWorks database, or current FileMaker or Microsoft Office (Windows) offerings.

Earlier this week, Mac Enthusiast "ValVashon" took to the forums looking for advice on what graphics card should be kept for an old G5. Forum members attempt to help Senior User "IFLY2HIGH" figure out a problem with a Mac Pro from 2008 that has a touch of insomnia (it wont go into sleep mode) after an upgrade to Mountain Lion earlier this week. Senior User "Sosa" took to the forums looking for help with an AppleWorks document that keeps crashing when they try to open it using Numbers.

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