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Judge names compliance monitor in Apple e-book antitrust case
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 @ 9:30pm

As expected, a New York judge has appointed an external monitor to ensure Apple's compliance with a recent antitrust injunction related to e-book price fixing. As noted by CNET, Judge Denise Cote has chosen former Assistant US Attorney and Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich to work directly with Apple for two years to watch for additional antitrust violations.

In the case, filed by the Department of Justice, Apple was found guilty of colluding with major book publishers to manipulate e-book pricing. The company has been restricted from establishing any agreements with publishers that could result in artificially higher or lower retail prices. The DoJ had also threatened legal action against several publishers, however they all agreed to settle and left Apple as the sole defendant at trial. The company has vowed to continue the fight in appeals court, though Judge Cote rejected any temporary delay on the injunction. "By appointing an external monitor to ensure future compliance with the antitrust laws, the court has helped protect consumers from further misconduct by Apple," the DoJ wrote in a statement following the recent ruling. Bromwich's initially involvement is initially limited to two years, however the injunction leaves open the possibility of extending the monitoring program further into the five-year restriction period.

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