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Lasso 2.5 for Dreamweaver

AOL 5.0 for Mac

MacDesktops unleases new desktops

Neon's SNMP-based CyberGuage 3.0 released

VirtualPC updater adds AltiVec, shores RedHat

QuickTime 4.1.2 fixes QDesign issues, bugs

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Federal gov't, states, to pursue MSFT sep. Feature: Office 2001 for the Mac

Iomega releases USB Click! Dock

FileMaker confirms, promises fix for flaws

Iomega ships FireWire adapter for Zip 250

Newer to again produce 400 MHz upgrades

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Sonnet slashes prices on G3 upgrades

LexMark releases pro color laser printer

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AppleShare IP Web update posted

Clinton administration "fixes" GPS Interview: Irving Kwong, MSFT

AOL clarifies stance on Mac platform

Netscape plugs security holes with 4.7.3

Saturday, March 3rd
Last updated: 7:10 PM EST

Evening Edition

Amazon to publish limited e-books outside of Kindle Store ...
Amazon is making a rare effort to branch out in its e-book publishing beyond the Kindle through a new deal with author James Atlas that was outlined on Friday. A new 12-book biography line, Amazon Lives, will be edited by Atlas and published in e-book form in other stores, the New York Times was understood. Which stores would get it weren't mentioned, although it's unlikely to involve the Nook store given active bans on Amazon material over Barnes & Noble's objection to digital exclusives on the Kindle. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Afternoon Edition

Apple may have second Ottawa retail store ...
Apple may be planning a second retail store in the Canadian capital of Ottawa based on commentaries and a recent retail shakeup. Bayshore Shopping Centre in the city's West end is known to be expanding from 67,000 to 100,000 square meters, and has been getting attention from "major" retailers that would take advantage of the extra space, the Ottawa Citizen said. While the Bayshore wouldn't officially comment, numerous general mall staff were certain an Apple store was coming. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Intel Ivy Bridge said still on track for late April ...
Intel's own claims that its Ivy Bridge platform had been moved back to June might have been unintentionally conservative. New leaks on Saturday to Digitimes had the 22-nanometer processors shipping in late April, setting them back only by a few weeks. As expected, the initial supply would be higher-end Core i5 and i7 processors. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Valve rumored prepping Steam Box, tackling Apple TV too ...
Valve Software is entering the console race by developing its own hardware platform, new rumors brought up early Saturday. The approach outlined by The Verge would have typical PC hardware with a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, and NVIDIA graphics, but it would serve as a fixed platform for three to four years. Developers would then target their games to the system, which as expected would use Steam as its primary way to get games. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Google Assistant may become semi-open equivalent to Siri ...
Apparent new leaks have suggested Google is developing a very broad, multi-platform alternative to Siri. So far called Assistant, the concept TechCrunch saw would translate Google's search content into a "personalization layer" that would understand the relationships between data points. A voice-based recognition engine would, like Apple's system, focus on returning a key useful result or accomplishing a task, not just pushing a raw list of results. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Early Morning Edition

Apple serves up 25 billion iOS apps to users ...
Apple has crossed the 25 billion milestone. A few days ago the company posted a countdown to the 25 billionth download along with a competition for the worth $10,000 to spend on iTunes. The company has not yet announced who downloaded the 25 billionth app, or the app that was downloaded to bring up the remarkable figure. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Apple goes on hiring spree for next-gen iCloud ...
Apple on Friday posted multiple fresh positions that have hinted at another big push for iCloud. The positions touch on backend infrastructure, Game Center, Java, Windows, and more. All of them would work on the "next generation of cloud support" both for iOS users and for OS X. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Friday, March 2nd
Last updated: 11:50 PM EST

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Screencast recorder app Screenium hits 2.0, revamps editor ...
Synium Software has updated its screen-recording and screencast creation software Screenium to version 2.0 which introduces a brand new video editor that offers multi-track video and audio editing, animation options, audio filters, automatic zooming in and emphasis of mouse clicks among other features. To celebrate the new release, the developers are offering the program from the Mac App Store or directly from the company's website at a sale price. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Evening Edition

BlackBerry PlayBook outsells iPad at Canadian stores ...
RIM posted word that Best Buy Canada and its sister chain Future Shop had seen the BlackBerry PlayBook become the top-selling tablet at their stores this week. Neither store was reporting by how much, but they implied that the tablet had outsold even the iPad. No mention was made of overall performance in the country. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Briefly: Company of Heroes released, LookTel Recognizer ...
Aspyr has announced that its Mac port of Company of Heroes is now available for purchase. The real-time strategy game is set during World War II, and has players fight across Europe as members of Able Company. Company of Heroes can be downloaded through the Mac App Store and the online GameAgent store for $50, which includes the game's original campaign as well as additional single-player levels from the expansion packs Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. An Intel Core 2 Duo or higher running either OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.2 or later is required to run the game. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Apple inadvertently confirms Gorilla Glass 2 use? ...
A perhaps-inadvertent byproduct of Apple's touting of its US job-creating numbers in a new "Job Creation" promo page that launched earlier today is an acknowledgement of the company's apparently-ongoing relationship with Corning, a US company that makes the Gorilla Glass found in iPhones, iPads and now many other brands of smartphones, tablets, notebook computers and TVs. The admission makes it likely that Apple will continue to use Corning glass, perhaps the upcoming Gorilla Glass 2 in future products. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Square Enix, Ankama launch Wakfu MMO in North America ...
An anime-inspired, turn-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called Wakfu has launched in North America for Mac, Windows and Linux. The game is set 1,000 years after the events of another MMO called Dofus, and continues with the same main villain and classes, though almost everything else has changed over time. Players explore the magical World of Twelve in the game, which is a partnership between Square Enix and original developer Ankama. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

ITC to review decision Motorola violated Microsoft patents ...
Microsoft faced a major setback in attempts to pressure Android supporters after the International Trade Commission agreed to review a decision that Motorola violated a Microsoft patent. The choice will see the ITC question some of Microsoft's claims and possibly reverse them. Its challenge won't necessarily reverse the ultimate verdict, but could significantly soften the impact. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

iPad 3 prices, capacities rumored staying put ...
Rumors that the iPad 3 might get a price hike were theoretically debunked in a form of counter-rumor on Friday. Prices are expected by a familiar 9to5 source to be the same as they are for the iPad 2 despite the anticipated 2048x1536 screen, faster processor, and upgraded camera. Talk of cutting off a 64GB model and possibly adding an 8GB iPad 2 were tossed aside as well, with at least the iPad 3 still sitting at the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities of today. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

C Spire drops cost of iPhone 4S by $50 across range ...
Southeast regional US carrier C Spire has unilaterally dropped the price of an iPhone 4S by $50 across all three models with a two-year plan, making the 16GB model as low as $149. The company offers plans starting at $25 per month that scale up to $100 per month for the unlimited data, streaming, texts and voice plan. C Spire uses a CDMA-based EV-DO 3G network compatible with Sprint and Verizon for roaming outside its own territory. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

US Air Force commits after all to 18,000-iPad deal ...
Despite talk that it had cancelled the deal, the US Air Force on Friday pledged itself to a contract to buy up to 18,000 iPads. Air Mobility Command has agreed to a $9.36 million pact that will see Executive Technology give C-5, C-17, C-130, KC-10, and KC-135 crews 32GB Wi-Fi iPads to use as replacements for their paper flight manuals and similar guides. Apple is supplying a volume discount that shaves the price down by $79 to $520. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

Afternoon Edition

Apple preps Yerba Buena for iPad 3 event, recalls iPod days ...
Helping set a minor tradition, Apple has been getting custom artwork applied to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts ahead of its third-generation iPad event. While the work done so far gives few clues as to what will be happening inside, as with earlier years, the scheme appears to be unusually nostalgic for Apple. The swirls recall the iPod campaign of the mid-2000s. [C o n t i n u ed... | print | email | comment] 

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