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Audiofile 4 / Audiofile Internet Companion
  4 stars

February 1, 1999
by Misha Sakellaropoulo

Order Direct: Audiofile 4: $39.95   Internet Companion: $19.95   Audiofile 4 + AIC: $49.95
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System Requirements: 68k or PowerPC, System 7 or later, 4 MB of RAM (8 or more recommended)

Pros: extremely detailed, well implemented, nice interface, Internet Companion saves lots of time
Cons: manually entry of information is still needed for many (less important) fields

Click to enlarge     Audiofile from Spinfree is an extraordinarily detailed database application for keeping track of your music collection. Offering more than a simple list of albums and tracks, Audiofile allows you to catalog virtually every bit of information about an album or song., From record label and band members to where a particular CD is, who you lent it to and every other bit of information to aid you in keeping track of and managing your collection

    Audiofile is built around a customized, stand-alone FileMaker database. Learning how to use Audiofile takes just a few minutes, but using it to its full potential could take hours. A convenient Getting Started Manual covers every aspect of the application in rich detail and additional help with answers to common questions can be found within Audiofile.

Click to enlarge     To start using Audiofile, simply enter in an album name and track information (or use the Audiofile Internet Companion, described in detail later on). Once this basic information has been entered your entry will be added to the catalog. From there you can choose to add more information to that particular listing, including how much you paid for it, your own rating of the album, where you purchased it, the record label, band members, and much more. Individual tracks can also be given detailed information including guest musicians and lyrics.

    The wealth of information that Audiofile can handle may seem like overkill to some and time consuming to enter to others, but while the latter is partly true any DJs, record stores, or true music fans will appreciate having all of this information at their finger tips. Thanks to an easy to use search engine, finding a track or album will never be easier and keeping track of your entire collection can be done so via an elegant interface and listing.

Audiofile Internet Companion

Click to enlarge     If you plan on entering information for tens, hundreds, or thousands of albums, you're bound to appreciate the convenience of the Audiofile Internet Companion. This separate application will allow you to obtain album and track information by simply inserting a CD and having the application connect to the CDDB (an internet-based database with information on over a quarter million albums). You then simply need to import the information into Audiofile. The entire process takes but a few seconds for each CD, which is at least a hundred times faster than what it would take you to enter the information in manually.

Click to enlarge     Unfortunately, the CDDB is limited only to album, track, and length of time information. If you care to enter such information as record label, release date, lyrics, or a number of other information fields that Audiofile offers, you'll still have to do it manually. Even so, Audiofile Internet Companion is a useful investment for getting the essential information for each of your CDs entered into Audiofile's database in record time.

    While CDs are the only format that have been mentioned, Audiofile also lets you distinguish your albums between MiniDisc, LP, cassette, and other popular formats. Suffice it to say, Audiofile is bound to have a place to enter any information you might have for an album, and it even offers ten customizable fields if you find yourself needing to enter even more information.

The most complete music collection database

    Audiofile is a DJs dream and a music aficionados perfect tool. Even at its most basic functions, keeping track of albums and tracks, Audiofile is a convenient database to have on hand. It would be nice to see the Audiofile Internet Companion included with Audiofile, but at least for the time being you can receive a $10 discount if you purchase the two together. tr